Live your dream


So last year I was going along with my daily life driving into the Miami Design District and all of a sudden it hit me. I was turning “50” in November! I obviously knew this day was coming and had a whole year to come to grips with it but for some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks that day.

I had a fabulous day planned of furniture shopping for clients, lunch at Crumb on Parchment with a friend and so much more but all I could think about was “I am turning 50 and there is so much I haven’t finished”.

What the heck, “Life was not going to finish on November 25th, why couldn’t I get this out of my head!”

I am very glad it stuck with me because my creative juices started flowing and in the coming months I came up with “Design It Live It”™ by Holguin. I decided that if I could design a home, an office, a building, and pretty much any product I put my mind to then why not design My Life!

Don’t get me wrong I have a pretty great life. I have 3 healthy wonderful kids, an amazing husband and partner that has helped me build a beautiful marriage and life for almost 20 years, a career that I absolutely love, I have travelled to many places and consider myself lucky to have very special friends, some of them for as long as 40 years.

So what more can I want, you ask?

I wanted to live the life that I designed 25 years ago, when I finished a course called Lifespring. My legacy was designed to have a long loving marriage and healthy children, create beautiful spaces all over the world, my designs would be published in every major magazine, create my own international brand of home products, and help millions of women live a better life through my own Charitable Foundation. My voice was going to be heard and I was never going to let other people decide how I would live my life. So you see there is much that I have not done yet.
Since that faithful day that the ton of bricks hit me, I opened “Design It Live It”™ by Holguin which is my blog where I get to have my voice heard, it is a series of books which are in the works and the “Design It Live It Foundation” will be opened by the end of this year to help women around the world. We are also working on the first Holguin Home Collection which will also launch this year.

I would love for this blog to inspire all of you to Design your life and Live it full bloom. Do not wait 25 years, 10 years or even 1 day to make your passions happen!