Choosing an Interior Designer
May 23, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Maria Elena Holguin

When you want your home to act as a haven where you can relax and feel calm after a long day, interior design makes all the difference. I provide design services around the globe. Whether you need someone to help you design a home, office or boutique hotel.

Hiring an interior designer is often a highly personal decision. It’s also a decision that requires a lot of thought and research. As a licensed interior designer, I’m here to show you what my design services can do for you.

The importance of excellent design

As a fourth-generation interior designer, I’m more than familiar with the ways a personalized property can enhance your quality of life. An exceptional approach to design allows you to achieve the type of unparalleled luxury you deserve. A good designer also boosts your property’s value, while still delivering the personal touch that makes you feel at home.  

Finding the right interior design expert also helps you save time and money. Many of my clients have beautiful ideas for their space, yet they’re not sure how to bring them to life. Using my experience, insights, and contacts, I can take your design ideas and transform them into a beautiful reality. By using an interior designer, you can avoid making mistakes along your journey of discovery to the perfect space.

What the design process involves

No matter where you are in terms of your vision for your project, I’m ready to hear about your plans. All design projects start with my clients reaching out to tell me what they want. After a visit to your property or reviewing your floor plans, I can begin delivering my custom design service that transforms your space.

From start to finish, I’ll ensure I run all ideas by you, right down to the smallest details. I can also work with you on shopping for your property. My impressive range of vendors throughout the Coral Gables area and on the international design stage allows me to source luxury rugs, furniture, lighting, textiles, and more, all at a fantastic value. My goal is to open you up to the world of luxuries that I benefit from so you can use them to embellish your space.

Creating design concepts based on your brief

The key to succeeding with any design project is a personalized brief and budget. Then I can begin producing concepts in the form of floorplans, mood boards, and presentations. To ensure you’re happy with all the details, I’ll provide samples and extensive insights into any furniture and structural changes I’m proposing. As a professional, I understand that you’ll live with these results for years to come. With that in mind, I want you to cherish the results and fall in love with them.

Working with properties of all types

From small apartments, vacation homes through to sprawling mansions, as well as commercial spaces and boutique hotels, I am adept at working with properties of all types. My design services also extend to model merchandising. When you own a property that you and your realtor want to get ready to sell, I will make magic happen so you can get the best price for your investment. Together, that is something we can achieve. Additionally, transforming a vacation home you rent to others increases your earning potential, especially among luxury-seeking clientele.

If you’re ready to start your residential home design journey, now’s the time to reach out.